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Fedora vs. Re:body at Housepitality – Artists Interview Each Other

Posted by admin - April 5, 2011 - Current & Past, Interviews

Housepitality brings you some new school local deep disco house flavor for this second week of April 2011.  The night will be hosted by the one and only Mr. Travis Dalton, a friend to all and full time record pusher who has also been coming up lately through his Studious 54 @ 222 events. In the back for the ladies we have Stacy P’s extraordinary “Get Feathered” extravaganza which is the new rage in SF hairstyles. Mr. Matt Richardson’s deep techy groove will be warming up the floor for the main event: a 2×2 Disco-Tek Experience with special guests Fedora and Re:body.

These two up and coming crews greet one another in this epic meeting of San Francisco’s newest dj talent.  Fedora and Re:body have both made their mark in San Francisco over the past couple of years through some memorable events they produced on their own. However, it isn’t necessarily the great bookings that they compiled but the music they pursue and play which has influenced the transition out of the harder techno sound into the more mellow realms of deep house and slick disco tech beats which seem to prevail dance floors lately.

Matt Wilder and Mike Perry as Fedora

Matt Wilder and Mike Perry as Fedora

Fedora is made up of Matt Wilder and Mike Perry and they play as a duo dj team slapping deep soulful house cuts back to back all night with esp like communication. It is what the doctor ordered after a night of wild techno to bring the mind back to the soul. In 2009 they hosted Wolf and Lamb’s SF debut at a legendary “I Just Want To Make You Feel” party at the com# that people still remember to this day (RIP com#).  They followed that up with Zev’s return along with Slow Hands at the com# last September and opened for Quivver and Isolee since.  Recently, the two hosted Gadi and Anthony Collins at a highly attended event at Public Works back in January where they featured their Fedora set on the main floor and have received a lot of recognition since. They are hosting the upcoming Wolf & Lamb vs Soul Clap event at Public Works in May which is also their birthday’s celebration. Expect this one to be another legendary banger. Matt and Mike also do Afterglow, a mellow electronica night every first Sunday night, co-hosted with Kontrol’s Greg Bird.  They have been very busy lately accepting new bookings and digging their stake deeper into the San Frandisco groove.

Briski of Re:body

Briski of Re:body

Nolan of Re:body

Nolan of Re:body

Re:body is Briski and Nolan Haener, they don’t play as a duo but they share the same passion for a very specific discoesque aesthetic in their taste for the groove. After witnessing them tag together once it became clear that they should play together as Re:body. Briski and the Rhythmatik crew brought LA cult disco hero Paul T of Sarcastic Disco in 2007, this is when I met him and realized he had a unique taste for a what a dance floor should provide.  Briski and Nolan met in late 2008 are now responsible for 2 memorable artist debut events at San Francisco’s late com#. The first with Firecracker’s label honcho Linkwood and then a follow up with Crosstown Rebel’s main act Art Department which at the time was ahead of the curve for San Francisco underground bookings, slowing down the groove and emphasizing the disco elements. They also do a monthly at Wish and individually get booked for various SF gigs like AYLI and Forward. Briski spends more time playing dj gigs and Nolan spends more time in the studio crafting masterpieces one beat at a time.

Although this event is booked as a vs, it is hardly a battle and more like an artistic juxtaposition of current San Francisco house flavors.  Each crew wrote each other 3 questions over email in order to get better acquainted before their meeting at Housepitality on April 13th.

Re:body asks Fedora:

Re:Body: What pre 95 record would Fedora would jam at a gig?

Fedora(Perry): At first I thought this was going to be a tough question for us to answer as most of what we play has been produced in the late 00’s. Both of our histories with dance music go back into the 90’s…but at that time i was more into hard detroit techno and industrial than house. You know, that old plus 8, UR sound…it’s cliche I know but what do you expect, I’m from Detroit. The more I thought about this however, the more the answer became obvious to me, “Liberty City – some lovin'”.  I would drop the vocal mix peak hour or the deep dub mix off peak time. It’s a sound and song that would go well with what we play and would fit the vibe and atmosphere we try to create in our sets.

Re:body: How did you guys become Fedora?

Fedora (Perry): We met when Matt came into town to interview for a job at the same place I work. We were both on a techno mailing list and had talked a few times here and there before that…when he came to town he let me know and we hung out at Shine for a Dirtybird night. We just got along really well… and everything just sort of clicked. We started hanging out and playing records together and realized we played similar sounds, minimal techno and house at the time and more importantly had fun doing it. I think it was 2008…I got asked to play a private birthday party out in Santa Rosa and asked matt if he was interested in doing it with me. We played close to 8 hours just tagging back and forth and really got a chance to take it deep throughout the night and through the conversation realized we were both heading down the same path of music and started to talk about doing a project together. A couple more months went by and we got a chance to play together again and that was kind of the moment Fedora was born. It was at the Hive, EO’s old spot, and really late one night, there was a pretty good crowd and the party was going off when we went on.  I remember we were wearing fedora’s…it was all in good fun. Later we joked around about wearing them everytime that we play, but. I’m not into gimmicks, so we don’t wear them when we play.  The more we thought about what the image is that a fedora can convey, the more we realized that it sort of fit the brand of house music and the vibe we want people to feel when we play. We played a couple more times together without using the name…and finally decided to make it official when we brought Zev and Slow Hands from Wolf + Lamb in last September.

Re:body: Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? Please elaborate.

Fedora (Perry): One of my favorite lines from that movie. That’s a great question actually…there are so many different ways you could take that…but once a few years ago at Burningman, I definitely did. It was a gorgeous moon out that night and I was there by myself at the time, just riding my bike around trying to find some good music or something to do. I came across the Flaming Lotus Girls Serpent Mother…there was this crazy party going on with all sorts of wobbly bass and glitch…fire dancers twirling their poi all over…it was one of those moments that really only happens on the playa. All of a sudden this giant snake just started shooting flames everywhere and it really felt like all hell was about to break loose. I stayed around and danced for hours pushing the buttons that made the flames shoot and as I finally rode my bike away from it I looked up to the moon just as this cloud passed over it. I felt this wave of euphoria wash over me and suddenly out of nowhere it was coupled with this overwhelming dread that this was all a dream and I was going to wake up and it wouldn’t be real. The snake made one final burst of fire and the shadows from everything made it look like this dark being had just risen up out of the desert and was walking for me. As he got closer to me, I could see he had wings and a distorted face and that’s when I realized I was dancing with the devil. Of course after a while I talked to him and found out he was from LA…his name was Bob. So metaphorically speaking…yes I’ve danced with the devil in the pale moonlight. Check out this set by Fedora, “I Just Want To Make You Feel 2” Fedora – I just want to make you feel 2 by delayedagain

Fedora asks Re:Body:

Fedora: How did you guys meet and why did you decided to form re:body?

Re:body (briski): Haha…funny story. I got Nolan kicked out of the endup! We were both there to see our mutual friend from Dallas, Eric (who goes by Maetrik, Maceo Plex etc.) play on a Thursday when he eagerly introduced us. Nolan of course offered to have a smoke outside and then oddly asked “if its cool to smoke out on the patio”. I was good at the moment but thinking he was talking about cigarettes, I replied “yea, you can smoke outside no problem”. He was not talking about cigarettes and got kicked out accordingly…cracks me up! After that, we reconnected through another mutual friend from D town. Re: your Question : )

I decided to start re:body (regarding your body) after finding the compound. I had been throwing a warehouse party in SOMA the prior year called VHS, but needed a new venue and was looking for something a bit different. I was completely floored my first time to the compound. Felt right at home and I thought I found the spot for the vibe I was trying to push. Brought in Nolan on the idea through natural progression basically. We had been playing together for awhile, had similar taste and would combine our efforts to build the re:body family!

(nolan): Ha, that’s a funny one.  Being new here in SF, I saw that Maetrik was playing at the end up in the former part of 2008.  I moved here in August 2008 so I thought I would go out solo to support a friend.  When I saw him, he’s all “Guess who’s here?  Brian!!”  I was like….”Dope!  Who’s Brian?”  So, Eric introduced us, thinking that we already knew each other from the Dallas scene.  Best part about it is we were at the end up and I had a spliff rolled.  I asked Brian if it was cool to smoke, then proceeded to get kicked out of the Endup when Maetrik just got started.  Like 5 minutes in.  I didn’t know the history at that place, but it was only fitting although I missed almost almost the entire set.  If you don’t live in SF, you should know almost everyone has gotten the boot at this fine establishment.  Thanks to another friend, Bill Spillz, we were able to find each other’s numbers.  Bill took over my radio show when i left texas, then shared a residency with Briski in Dallas at the velvelt hookah.

Fedora: What were your biggest influences growing up?

Re:body (briski): Definitely the older sister while growing up in the Bay Area…I used to take buds from her top drawer and then listen to her tapes haha. She had all kinds of tapes like Tribe Called Quest or Doc Martin live sets, or Steve Miller Band..stuff like that. I think her and my Mom both have great taste in music, both of them being disco queens who love to dance.

(nolan):For me, it was having two older brothers, david koresh, skating, metallica, beastie boys, and then this electronic thing came about when I was 15.  That obviously stuck around, so electronic / dance music became my spiritual world really.

Fedora: In the event of a zombieapocalypse…what would you do first and who of you would be the first to die?

Re:body (briski): I would calm and collectively break out my “Zombie Survival Guide”, written by Max Brooks and take the necessary steps in order to survive…sick book! I would then grab the roomies, including Nolan and head far safe ground. Needless to say, I would ensure all of our safety!

(nolan): I’m pretty sure we’re in a zombieapocalpyse.  Did you ever hear about the compound?

Nolan Haener Live at Re:body: Nolan Haener Live at Re:body 2 (SF, CA) by blindfold Briski Live at Motorcity Jam: Briski live at motorcityjam 032011 by


The verdict is in..

These two crews are gearing to swiftly guide you folks through the discospheres. The final deets for all you midweek dance freaks..

Wednesday April 13th

(((((( HOUSEPITALITY ))))))

– Hosted by Travis Dalton –

A 2×2 Disco-Tek Experience with special guests:

Fedora (Mike Perry & Matt Wilder) vs. Re:Body (Briski & Nolan)

Special opening set by: Matt Richardson (Standard Rad, Housepitality)

Naughty Feathers by: Stacy P “Get Feathered” (Buy any feather extension or earrings and get a free glass of Champagne)

Located at Icon Ultra Lounge 1192 Folsom St. at 8th St., SF 9pm-2am, 21+, $5

Much Love, Michael Tello + Miguel Solari Check out our Website: Like our Facebook Page: Follow us on Twitter:

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