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ROCK IT!!! 11.11.11 Egyptian Lover Interview – Jamaica Suk’s Bday Celebration

Posted by admin - November 11, 2011 - Current & Past, Interviews

11.11.11 Rock It

Featuring - Egyptian Lover

Friday November 11th, 2011 aka 11.11.11

The Housepitality SF crew invites you to

{ { { { R O C K I T! } } } }

Come out next Friday and celebrate with us a Jamaica Suk’s Birthday with our resident DJ’s, Live Artists, Vendors as HOUSEPITALITY takes over the VIP room at 1015. Attendance to our party gets you access to the entire club for I LOVE THE 80’S w/ EGYPTIAN LOVER : SHINDOG : DANGEROUS DAN & MORE!

$5 pre-sale at, FREE with RSVP before 11:11pm at

Live Art By: Derty Keven & McKenzie Boyle

Mixologist: Kira Buck

Feather Jewelry and Extensions By: Naughty Feathers “Stacy Picone”

Your Beat Selectors:

DJ Line Up:

10pm-11pm Michael Tello (PillowTalk, Housepitality)

11pm-12am Keith Kraft (Sex)

12am-1am Miguel Solari (Housepitality)

1am-2am Sharon Buck (ArtTease SF, Housepitality, Green Gorilla Lounge)

2am-3am Jamaica Suk (Rhythm & Reason, Ownership) Birthday Set!

3am-Close Nikita (Bad Habits, Listed SF)

10pm-4am, 21+

Egyptian Lover:

The Egyptian Lover has been bringing you that sound you have enjoyed for over 25 years. Some call it Electro, some call it Hip Hop, some call it Old School, some call it Rap, but he calls it “Dance Music”. Egyptian Lover makes music to make you dance- see him LIVE at 1015 on November 11th!

Das Klub, Palladium, 1984 & New Wave City present


Main Room:





Palladium Room – All Original P-House DJs!




Plus Special Guest Radio Personalities





Egyptian Lover Interview:

1.What were your musical that got your career started?
What got me started into Music was when I was in High School (1978 – 1981) and was bussed from Los Angeles to San Fernando Valley and it was a long bus ride. I used to make mix tapes so we can Jam on the Bus all the way there. I started to sale the tapes to friends and add my own Raps on them to sale even more. I began to get very popular.
2.How has the music scene changed over the years?
Music constantly changes, it’s a good thing. Since I made music in the 80’s of course I Love the 80’s sound. Analog is the best for me. I’m getting used to digital but Analog is my Love.
3.What do you think of today’s music?
I don’t listen to today’s music, and what I have heard is really bad and poorly made.
4.You have worked with so many legends.Can you let us in on a few choice stories in your travels that stuck out?
Many Stories stick out in my mind but you will have to wait for the Book to read that!!! I am writing a Book on my Travels and it will blow you away. All about the Groupies, Freaks, Promoters, Artist, Road Trips, Money, Record Label, Studio Sessions and more…
5.What is next for Egyptian Lover?
Working on my Brand New Album entitled “1984” and it is full of that Egyptian Lover Style. This album will be my Favorite ever. All Dance Tracks for my Fans.
6.Vinyl/seratto/cdjs/computers…what is the difference
Vinyl is the original so it’s the best for me. Vinyl has a warm sound and when a D.J. uses vinyl it’s like a show in itself.
Serrato is Boring
CDJ’s is too Digital and also boring
computers… Stay at home (you are not a D.J. but a Jukebox)
But whatever you do use keep the Party Hot and Make the People Dance. It’s really up to the D.J. to Rock the Party with whatever you have.
-Egyptian Lover

More info at



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