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HOUSEPITALITY w/ CLAUDE YOUNG, Tyrel Williams, Kawa & Bai-ee

Posted by admin - August 20, 2013 - Current & Past

( ( ( ( (H O U S E P I T A L I T Y) ) ) ) ) is excited to bring one of the most influential voices from the world of Detroit electronic music, an inarguable legend, with this exclusive set: 
::CLAUDE YOUNG (DJAX, ART, ICAN, 7TH CITY | Detroit/Tokyo)::
::TYREL WILLIAMS (Housepitality, Acid Test, Bionic | SF/CHI)::
::KAWA (Peoplemuver | San Francisco)::

Groove Lounge:

::BAI-EE (AudioJazz, Acid Test, Housepitality | Oakland)::
**Influences set**

We begin the month of August by bringing in a man who is inarguably one of the biggest names in techno. Claude Young was raised in Detroit, and came up and was influenced by the sounds of the motor city (it couldn’t have hurt that his father Claude Young Sr. was the founding member and radio personality of Detroit’s famed WJLB radio station).

Claude has already risen to the top of electronic music stardom. His DJ, curation, and production skills are widely-acknowledged to be some of the best, and he reached the level that most DJ’s aspire to: being able to make a living. But he reached this point, and became bored. Sick of the industry, sick of feeling boxed in to play what people expected, he chose to step back from the limelight. He stopped touring, stopped releasing music under his own name, and decided to take his musical legacy into his own hands. He began working in collaboration with artist Takasi Nakajima under the name Different World, and has had his own musical future in his hands ever since, avoiding the world of agents and labels which had left him disillusioned.

Given that our party is all about the underground, all about the music, and not about the money, we find an inspiring story in Claude Young, not to mention that we find his music incredibly inspiring. We’re extremely excited to host this artist

Tyrel Williams, our esteemed resident, will be playing before Claude. I’m not sure I need to say anything about him at this point, as our fans and friends know that if Tyrel is playing, that everyone will be dancing… but here, I’ll try to keep it short: Tyrel is from Chicago, he’s an amazing DJ, he’s got wax for days, and he’s one of most humble artists we know. Okay, short enough? Good.

In the back, Housepitality resident and crew member Bai-ee will be playing a special “influences” set. Bai-ee aka Bryan is a producer and DJ also hailing from Chicago, who we’ve been lucky enough to snatch up for our own. Playing and producing a jazz-influenced house sound, with a healthy complement of Jack, Bai-ee has talent, drive, and taste… come hear the sounds that influenced him as he matured musically… from 11-2.

The details:

FREE before 11pm with RSVP at
otherwise $5 before 11pm, $10 after
FREE champagne from 9pm-10pm
$5 Jameson (with mention of Housepitality discount)
Streaming LIVE at


Claude Young

Electronic composer, web designer, videographer, sci-fi junkie, apple computer expert & world class DJ, these are but a few of the hats worn by the anomaly that is Claude Young Jr.

This Detroit native who now resides in Tokyo (Japan) was born the son of legendary WJLB (Detroit) radio personality, station founding member and production wizard Claude Young Sr.

After early interest in television production and some experience working as an intern (and later mix show DJ) for several radio programs in the early 90’s, CYJ intensified his interest in what he refers to as the art of the DJ. Coached by close friend and mentor Anthony “Shake” Shakir he became a natural almost literally overnight.

His editing & production skills in studio (taught to him by his father & years of experimentation alone) saw him work on a string of records for both independent and major record labels. Musto & Bones, Technasia, Gary Numan, Carl Craig, Joey Beltram, Inner City and 4Hero are but a few of the artist either remixed or edited by Young.

He was also cofounder of two of Detroit electronic music’s most respected record imprints:

Frictional Records (with Anthony “Shake” Shakir) and

7Th City Records (with Dan “DBX” Bell).

Relocating to London in 1995, Young embarked on a string of DJ tours world wide from Europe to Asia & beyond lasting almost a decade.

In December 2004, Young semi-retired from his DJ activity to start cynet:media with his current mentor & close friend / advisor HG Wells (in Glasgow) and his wife < cynet:media Japan>.

This team includes cy’s DJ partner, True People resident DJ & Glasgow House guru Ian Elgey.

The company will focus on presenting electronic music in the most modern forms possible and without musical constraints.

media for critical thinkers and an electronic lifestyle…



Tyrel Williams

Tyrel has been a mainstay of Chicago’s underground House scene for years. He began mixing records in 1999. Soon later he landed a job at Gramaphone Records where he spent the last decade building a mighty collection of 12” dance records. He spent 2009-2011 building his Acid Test residency at Smart Bar, which is an ongoing all vinyl House / Techno weekly dedicated to the true art form of DJing. Guests have included Miles Maeda, Derrick Carter, Tevo Howard, Traxx, and Justin Long. Tyrel has recently moved to San Francisco where he is a resident DJ for Housepitality and has also started his Acid Test SF party with Bryan Bai-ee, Miguel Solari, Fil Latorre, and Luke Nasaw.



Born and raised in picturesque northern Michigan, Shawn Kawa’s artistic talent and creativity emerged when he was just a young boy of six. Encouraged by his teachers to continue drawing and painting throughout his childhood and teenage years, Shawn spent the better part of his youth creating fantasy and scifi artworks with aspirations to be a book illustrator. Having mastered oils, pencils, pastels, and clay sculpture by age 16, he then began learning how to use computers to produce artwork while he also began the study and practice of several martial arts.

Shawn spent his early college years studying art, refining his drawing and painting technique while working in Detroit’s auto factories. After earning his black belt in Hapkido, Shawn began attending fine art and computer art classes at Detroit’s Center of Creative Studies. During these years, Shawn found himself drawn to the industrial-influenced pulse of Detroit techno. Melding his musical interests with his connection to the art scene, Shawn then began acting as an art curator for his own techno and house music afterparties, which drew hundreds of people. Around this time, Shawn began studying the aboriginal cultures of Australia, which would forever influence the direction of his fine artworks.

Now a full-time fine artist, Shawn currently resides in San Francisco. He continues to practice martial arts, DJ, and produce electronic music, constantly striving for new ways to merge all of his creative energies.



Chicago area Dj/producer and recent Oakland, CA transplant. Deep, acid, disco house/edits and vocals. Original productions on Farris Wheel Recordings, Smooth Agent, Poontin and Liberate. audioJazz Music label owner and Acid Test Dj digging deep / pushing vinyl. Current resident at Housepitality and Acid Test SF.



Bai-ee “Lawless” – Farris Wheel
Angel-A & Doc Link “Lifts Me Higher” (Bai-ee Remix) – Liberate Recordings
Bai-ee feat Dirty Turk “The Yeah Track” – Smooth Agent Recordings
Bai-ee “The Groove” – Poontin Muzik
MSRS & EMan feat. Onaje Allen Gumbs “Soul Liberation” (Bai-ee Remix) – Liberate Recordings
Sean Smith feat JL “Cloud 9” (Bai-ee Remix) – Smooth Agent Records
Bernard Badie feat Dajae “Truth Hurts” (Bai-ee Remix) – Smooth Agent Records


audioJazz “Contortion” EP / 12″ – audioJazz Music
Bai-ee “Lawless” (audioJazz Remix) – Farris Wheel
audioJazz “Momentum” (7″vinyl) – audioJazz Music
Kid Delicious “Take a Chance Remix” (7″ vinyl) – audioJazz Music
Ken ECB feat Alexander East “Exposed” (audioJazz remix) – Alphabet Music
Leslie Carter & Diamondancer “Essence of You” (audioJazz Remix) – Dagostar
audioJazz feat Yvonne Gage “My Freedom” audioJazz Music
audioJazz & Diamondancer “Welcome Home” – audioJazz Music
audioJazz feat Mario Vasquez “Goodtimes” – audioJazz Music
audioJazz “Summer City Nights EP” – audioJazz Music
audioJazz & Mecca HiFi “Beats Not Streets” – Mezzo Recordings
audioJazz feat Brenda Brewer “Momma Said” – Mezzo Recordings


Enjoy handcrafted cocktails by our very own groove lounge mixologist.

World class acts, world class music, every Wednesday night..

We got you!

Located at F8 (formerly Icon Lounge)
1192 Folsom
Folsom St. at 8th St., SF

Streaming LIVE at

9pm-2am | 21+ | 3 Rooms

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