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HOUSEPITALITY w/ KinK (3 Year Anniversary!) w/ Michael Tello, Bai-ee & Residents!

Posted by admin - September 4, 2013 - Interviews


( ( ( ( (H O U S E P I T A L I T Y) ) ) ) ) is extremely excited and proud to celebrate 3 years of throwing parties in this city we love, with this exclusive live set from one of the most amazing live acts active in underground dance music today, with support from our residents & founder:

::KiNK (Rush Hour | Bulgaria)::

::MICHAEL TELLO (Touch of Class, PillowTalk | SF/NYC)::
::BAI-EE (AudioJazz, Acid Test, Housepitality | Oakland)::

Groove Lounge:

Housepitality Residential Throwdown with*

The whole damn crew:

Michael Tello
Miguel Solari
Fil Latorre
Joel Conway
Matt Richardson
Mike Bee
Sharon Buck
Sean Murray
Tyrel Williams
Victor Vega

*We actually don’t know which residents will decide to play so we have just listed all of them and we’ll see which ones show up with their records.

It’s been three years since San Francisco party stalwarts Michael Tello and Miguel Solari began throwing a little Wednesday weekly house music party called “Housepitality.” They began it with the mission to host the best DJs from the worlds of underground house and techno for an audience of professional partiers who truly love the music and are serious about having fun.

The other “party” days of the week are taken; Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays in San Francisco are so busy that your party friends are strewn across 4 different clubs on any of these nights. Mondays and Tuesdays? Those are for resting, working, doing laundry… but Wednesdays? It seems as good a time as any for going out dancing, and the best thing about Wednesdays? The only people who come out are the ones who really truly “get it.”

After a slow but intimate initial year, the party began attracting a loyal crowd thanks to the great “Housepitality”vibe which Mikey and Miguel provided the people. They created a “housepitable” and positive environment that kept their friends coming back. Slowly but surely, the dance floor filled up more and more week after week. Their mission was to serve the professional party people in SF, service and ‘hospitality’ industry folks that need a place to go get their freak on Wednesday nights, thus the motto, “we got you” came to be.. I mean, really.. Anyone going out on a Wednesday to party at Housepitality is serious about their love for underground house music!

It was this amazing crew of dance music lovers and professional SF party people, not to mention the amazing music-programming choices made by Mikey and Miguel, that have attracted this music lover (Luke) to the party in the first place. I began attending this party well before I ever became part of it, and the reason that I did was finding a crew of like-minded individuals who love the music, know how to party, and love to dance. From what I’ve learned about the old disco and gay disco scenes in San Francisco, I’d like to think that Housepitality is another part of this city’s long history of counterculture… a place where we can all go and be ourselves, dance, and get free of daily cares and worries about our jobs, relationships, etc.

We aren’t attending the party to be seen. We aren’t attending it to get laid (although if that happens…). We are attending to be part of a community, to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Sure, the free admission, free champagne, and free-thinking, “anything goes” atmosphere is nice… but it’s the community that drives the party.

I’m getting all verklempt! *sniff sniff*

Anyway, enough rambling from me. I’ll quickly tell you about the party: we booked a favorite, a booking we’ve been trying to make happen for a long while: KiNK! Real name: Strahil Velchev. He’s from Sophia, Bulgaria, and he’s been making waves as an experimental producer for a good long while. But he might be known even more for his amazing LIVE PA (which means Live Personal Appearance) performances. That means he’s not DJing, he’s using hardware, synths, sequencers, delays, and much more, in order to make electronic music happen on the fly. He’s been voted as one of the best live artists in all of dance music, not just house and techno. His live sets have received acclaim from all comers, and we’re extremely happy to watch him play in our most intimate club environment. Watching him play will put a huge smile on your face, we guarantee it. And since putting smiles on your face and a spring in your step is what makes us tick… THAT is why we booked him. CANNOT WAIT.

Opening the night, our crewmember and resident BAI-EE. Bai-ee (Bryan) is from Chicago. He moved to SF around the same time as Tyrel Williams, and has similarly soaked up that city’s culture and music history. He’s a talented producer as well, producing jazzy house tracks either alongside his partners in AudioJazz, or by himself. He DJs with one foot in vocal-driven house, and one foot in acid, and we couldn’t be prouder to have him as part of our party. He’s the reason we got this amazing booking, and he’ll be showcasing his deep record collection once again.

Our founder, Michael Tello, will thankfully still be in town and will be opening for KiNK. If you didn’t know. Mikey founded Housepitality, and has gone on to become a world renown DJ, producer, label owner, and part of electric/live-hybrid band aka sex-music factory PillowTalk. His label Touch Of Class records is attaining amazing producers, and he’s been touring all over the world…. so it makes sense to have him open for the headliner at the three year anniversary of this amazing party that he helped create.

In the back room, any Housepitality resident who is in town and sober enough to play music, will be playing music, tag style. Our residents are so talented, and they’re the bread and butter of this party, so the back room should be going off. Shenanigans will abound.

We hope to see you out at our 3 year anniversary. We do this for you, year after year… for three years running: WE GOT YOU!

The details:

FREE before 11pm with RSVP at
otherwise $5 before 11pm, $10 after
FREE champagne from 9pm-10pm
$5 Jameson (with mention of Housepitality discount)
Streaming LIVE at



Strahil Velchev a.k.a KiNK is an innovative, uncompromising producer, captivating dj and live performer from Bulgaria, incorporating in his record the very best examples of the electronic music with a KiNK twist. In his early teenage years he was raving on acid, techno, proto-hardcore and jungle. At 20 he got his hands on one of the first modular software synthesizers. At 27 he got his first vinyl released and few years later everybody who dig deeper for quality electronic music had heard of him. There are a few things that shape Strahil’s accomplished sound: his patience and persistency in the studio, his long experience as a music listener, his love for the soul and the pristine sound of the old music and his passion for the futurism.

KiNK is a multi-style producer, but in 2005 his first vinyl release on Chris Duckenfield’s Odori imprint placed him firmly in the frame of house and techno. In 2008 Strahil proto-house music project with Neville Watson recieve a worldwide recognition through their releases on the Dutch imprint Hour House is Your Rush. In the following two years KiNK (solo and with Neville) produced music for high profile labels like Rush Hour, Ovum, Poker Flat, Systematic, Mule Musiq, Get Physical, liebe*detail and others. His music was played by almost every well known dj around the world. Strahil remixed important names on the electronic music scene like Hercules and Love Affair, Patrick Cowley, Marc Romboy and Blake Baxter, Riva Starr, Pete Tong and Dave Spoon, DJ T (just to name a few). KiNK`s production skills were noticed by the media and several interviews artist reviwes followed in places like Pete Tong`s show on BBC, Resident Advisor, DJ Magazine, De:Bug, Groove Magazine, Raveline and others. KiNK took the prestigious 20th position in the Resident Advisor chart „Top 100 charted artists in 2011″
Strahil used to perform as a dynamic and skillful DJ mainly for Bulgarian audience till 2009, when due to a higher demand by the international club scene he decided to take a new challenge: finding a way to play his own music live. The Bulgarian artist found his live setup as a mixture of dusty analog gadgets and modern digital technology. KiNK performs with his machines in the same way as he play records – he is fast, busy, he takes risks and he is pushing his tools to the limit. KiNK played as a dj and live at some of the best spots for underground dance music in Sofia, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Hannover, Vienna, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Milano, London, Glasgow, Dublin, etc.
Now after series of successful records with his music, Strahil feels bigger artistic freedom and he is encouraged to push harder the musical barriers in 2011. KiNK`s release schedule includes an artist album for Ovum records, productions for Rush Hour, Liebe*Detail, Systematic and other friends of him.


Michael Tello

Michael Tello was born in Hollywood California in 1978. The son of Latin parents with an eclectic taste in music, he was exposed to a wide variety of genres, ranging from the tribal rhythms of South America to the cutting edge, electronic sounds of the early 1980’s. At age 12, Michael’s dad Galo, purchased a DJ set up with turntables, mixer & microphone and asked him to hook it up. After the difficult but intriguing task Michael had found a new interest and love for the art of DJing. He began experimenting with his mom and dads Disco, Salsa and Funk 12” records and 45’s and has been rocking the decks ever since.
At one of his dads legendary house parties in the early 90’s Michael’s cousin gave him a mix tape simply labeled “HOUSE”, he remembers playing it and loving the repetitive Disco / Alternative rhythms and seeing his older cousins and family dance all night. Soon after he decided to check out his local record store and picked up his first 12” records.

Mikey is one of SF’s greatest musical success stories. Originally from southern California, Mikey made SF his home, and, through years of throwing parties, DJing, and producing music, eventually used this city as a launchpad to an internationally successful career in music. As part of the band PillowTalk, along with Ryan Williams and Sammy D, Mikey’s musical talent was finally displayed to a worldwide audience. The next step after successfully touring internationally was starting a label, and Mikey wasted no time in beginning his label “Touch Of Class Records,” along with his friend and musical partner Ray Zuniga.

Though now residing in NYC, Mikey is a citizen of the world, making music all over, between Mexico, Berlin, San Francisco, and beyond. Without Mikey, Housepitality would never have existed, and his influence is with us in every choice we make as a party. It’s time to get Telloported… 🙂



Chicago area Dj/producer and recent Oakland, CA transplant. Deep, acid, disco house/edits and vocals. Original productions on Farris Wheel Recordings, Smooth Agent, Poontin and Liberate. audioJazz Music label owner and Acid Test Dj digging deep / pushing vinyl. Current resident at Housepitality and Acid Test SF.



Bai-ee “Lawless” – Farris Wheel
Angel-A & Doc Link “Lifts Me Higher” (Bai-ee Remix) – Liberate Recordings
Bai-ee feat Dirty Turk “The Yeah Track” – Smooth Agent Recordings
Bai-ee “The Groove” – Poontin Muzik
MSRS & EMan feat. Onaje Allen Gumbs “Soul Liberation” (Bai-ee Remix) – Liberate Recordings
Sean Smith feat JL “Cloud 9” (Bai-ee Remix) – Smooth Agent Records
Bernard Badie feat Dajae “Truth Hurts” (Bai-ee Remix) – Smooth Agent Records


audioJazz “Contortion” EP / 12″ – audioJazz Music
Bai-ee “Lawless” (audioJazz Remix) – Farris Wheel
audioJazz “Momentum” (7″vinyl) – audioJazz Music
Kid Delicious “Take a Chance Remix” (7″ vinyl) – audioJazz Music
Ken ECB feat Alexander East “Exposed” (audioJazz remix) – Alphabet Music
Leslie Carter & Diamondancer “Essence of You” (audioJazz Remix) – Dagostar
audioJazz feat Yvonne Gage “My Freedom” audioJazz Music
audioJazz & Diamondancer “Welcome Home” – audioJazz Music
audioJazz feat Mario Vasquez “Goodtimes” – audioJazz Music
audioJazz “Summer City Nights EP” – audioJazz Music
audioJazz & Mecca HiFi “Beats Not Streets” – Mezzo Recordings
audioJazz feat Brenda Brewer “Momma Said” – Mezzo Recordings


Enjoy handcrafted cocktails by our very own groove lounge mixologist.

World class acts, world class music, every Wednesday night..

We got you!

Located at F8 (formerly Icon Lounge)
1192 Folsom
Folsom St. at 8th St., SF

Streaming LIVE at

9pm-2am | 21+ | 3 Rooms


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