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HOUSEPITALITY w/ JAKE THE RAPPER, Sharon Buck, Sean Murray, Jimmy B

Posted by admin - November 6, 2013 - Interviews

( ( ( ( (H O U S E P I T A L I T Y) ) ) ) ) welcomes one of the finest and most artistic minds in Berlin’s crowded avant garde house scene, with this exclusive set from

::JAKE the RAPPER (Bar 25, !K7, Highgrade | Berlin)::
::SHARON BUCK (Housepitality | SF)::
::SEAN MURRAY (Housepitality | SF)::

Groove Lounge:

::JIMMY B (VOX, Disco Knights, Green Gorilla | SF)::

If you live in Berlin and like modern house music then you know the name “Jake the Rapper.” Jake the Rapper (born Jacob Dove Basker) was born in NYC, lived all over the states, but eventually left in 1990 for the more artist-friendly (and bohemian) world of Berlin.

Like a duck to water, his multiple musical talents (hip hop, punk, rock, electro, house, etc.) were eventually combined, through the artistic blender that is Berlin, into his current musical style, which involves heavy cross-pollination between old school hip hop, and avant garde house music.

You’ve probably heard some of his whimsical (and yet extremely danceable) collaborations and productions before (50 Ways to Love Your Liver, Snug Descent [I love the couch, baby]), but without living in Berlin, you haven’t experienced his live persona, or his deck-wrangling skills. Housepitality is here to fix that, with this exclusive set.

Playing immediately before Jake, our longtime resident Sharon Buck will finally get to play a middle Housepitality slot (which she hasn’t done yet!). With the crowd already warmed up, and the dance floor full, no one can rock a party like Sharon… she should get things heated up nicely for Jake.

Opening the night, our resident veteran Sean Murray will bring his warehouse-honed and festival-polished deep house sound to the fore, expertly guiding us from cold-start to hot party. Make sure to arrive early, grab a drank, and enjoy Sean’s opener.

Finally, playing a disco/slower-house set in the back, local favorite nightlife magician Jimmy B will take over our groove lounge. Jimmy has played for us before, and his deep/tech house sound has been heard all over the state (and BRC) for many years. He’s a talented DJ whose sound improves every single time we see him play, so we’re delighted to hear him play a slightly different sort of set. Jimmy B get it done!

The details:

FREE before 11pm with RSVP at
otherwise $5 before 11pm, $10 after
FREE champagne from 9pm-10pm
$5 Jameson (with mention of Housepitality discount)
Streaming LIVE at

Jake the Rapper

Jacob Dove Basker was born in 1970 in the Bronx. He didnt really grow up in New York , more like all over the northern U.S., including places like Moscow (Idaho) and Chicago; But he feels most at home in Seattle. Jake was 14 when he played his first show ever in Spokane with his freshly formed College-Punk combo out of Pullman, Washington.
Jake left America in 1990 to get a different perspective on the first gulf war, started by the first Bush. He arrived with 500 dollars, which he managed to stretch over six months using his exotic charm, Henry Miller style. He then discovered the Hamburg Art College (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg) and stayed there until he emerged with an officiallooking slip of paper from the state, officially extolling him as a bona fide artist. This enabled him to become a New Media trollop for a stint, although Jake has always been more of a jack of all trades. Trades like comic artist, tattoo artist, animator, niceguy and wiseguy. But the music has always been the vehicle to propel him down the endless one way street that is life.
He played in several bands, including a Sonic Youth-like artpunk band in Hamburg for years Jake started rapping in 1992, first under the patronage of Die Patinnen, then with the Jonas Schoen Sextett and as the leader of the Jazz rap combo M.C. Eye & Blind Jazz. But it was in the Hamburg hiphop training camp Trainingslager that Jake learned to freestyle. The cross-styling also started soon thereafter,with beatboxer Mark Boombastik and Felix Kubin in Jakes other band, Anaerobic Robots (Gagarin Records).
Then Jake moved to Berlin in 2005 and everything changed.
He released his self-titled LP, a crossover between hip hop, electro, and house. Then he discovered the Bar 25 and basically never left. he became a resident there in 2006 and remained a part of the family until its final closing. During that time he became a well-known and vital fixture in the Berlin party scene, quickly developing into a sort of lovable, eccentric, deep house legend on the decks across Europe. He tours incessantly, spreading his special eclectic but funky blend of music and his joyful vibes. Now he is a resident and has his studio in Kater Holzig. In Berlin, Jake plays regularly in Watergate, Arena, Ritterbutzke, Wilde Renate, Stadtbad Wedding, Sisyphos, and Chalet. His own productions include now classics like “Hollow Inside” and “Less Talking”. He has worked together with many artists, including Format B, Terranova, H.O.S.H., Alexander Kowalski, Channel X, Oliver Koletzki, making tracks like “Somerthing Suitable”, “Snug Descent (I love the couch, baby)”, “50 ways to Love Your Liver” and his recent release “Animal Instincts” with Sascha Braemer, on Stil Vor Talent. When Performing, Jake has been described as being able to create a bridge between old school and new school, house and techno, while keeping a constant pressure on the dance floor, building steady suspense and then a much celebrated release, all the while remaining perfectly calm amidst the craziness, and generally smiling like a loon.
Sharon Buck

Sean Murray

Sean Murray was born and bred on the San Francisco house movement of the early 90’s. Through his experiences at seminal early bay area events like the Wicked full moons and the Gathering, Sean developed a love for the House sound and an appreciation for those who expressed themselves through electronic music

While legendary, influential Sf bay talents like Jeno, John Howard, and Mark Farina paved the way, Sean honed his skills, and his resume, with residencies at some of San Francisco’s most respected venues and events like Sf’s Sound Factory, Static, 111 Minna, 1015 Folsom, and the Sunset one offs, campouts, and boat parties

In addition to his regular nights, Sean has logged an impressive list of appearances having played alongside some of the worlds most talented artists including: Doc Martin, Ritchie Hawtin, John Tejada, Lance DeSardi, Miguel Migs, The Dirty Bird Crew, Donald Glaude, Sven Vath, Alex Smoke, Fred Everything, Hipp E, Garth, and the Hardkiss Brothers to name a few

Jimmy B
“Bringing people together for a memorable experience is what I love. As far as music goes, there is so much out there to be explored. I love to do my thing on the decks but the main thing is that music that doesn’t get explored through the easier avenues (TV, RADIO, COMMERCIAL HYPE) gets loved by masses through the underground.” – Jimmy B


Enjoy handcrafted cocktails by our very own groove lounge mixologist.

World class acts, world class music, every Wednesday night..

We got you!

Located at F8 (formerly Icon Lounge)
1192 Folsom
Folsom St. at 8th St., SF

Streaming LIVE at

9pm-2am | 21+ | 3 Rooms

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