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1/20/16 – MARCEL VOGEL returns to HOUSEPITALITY, the Lumberjack in Hell himself comes ready to chop.

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Marcel Vogel (not to be mistaken with Marcel Vogel the famous physicist although our Marcel Vogel is a different kind of phycist, using deep hot music to reach out into inner space) is NOT your average dancefloor dj and he makes a point to stay to true to his disco inspired roots and behind the decks he reminds people where all this underground music comes from. The last time he came the pit he turned the house music crowd inside out and by the end had them disco dancing late past 2:30am in a frenzy. He is an obvious expert as he displayed crowd wisdom as he took everyone on a journey until the place was on full disco panty droppin’ fire by the end.  Much respect to any dj that can grab a crowd that way and thus is why we are super honored to have him back.

Representing the underground in Amsterdam with an affinity for Chicago, Detroit house, disco and other roots of house inspired him to channel the intellingence of those dancefloor gods and put together the amazing LUMBERJACKS IN HELL label whose releases have astounded legions of fans. His industry reputation is keeping it real to the organic live instrumentation sounds of disco, the true origins of all this music that is now so electronic. Marcel is quoted elsewhere saying “I’m not electronically-based, I’m soul-based,” and this is the essence of what he’s created. All the way from the other side of the pond in Amsterdam he’s created a mini old school Chicago disco alternative dimension, a planet in ode to its parent and its artists but where Marcel is the conductor and keeps the groove going, it’s pretty grand work. One of the most memorable Facebook posts by him for me is in 2015 is “I keep trying to deep house but after three tracks zzzzzzzzz.” LOL, the thread that followed here from his friends and fans was awesome. Underground music artists are always trying to keep an open and broad mind and they try to listen to things outside their scope but some often get reminded why they like what they like and this just strengthens their art. Interesting replies from cats like Daniel Wang on that post. Serious knowledgeable disco folks surround Marcel’s world, he is respected by the deepest of heads (including one of my personal favorite Chicago djs ever who is like a disco library, my main ninja Brian Borden. I have ask Marcel how he met Brian).

He also produces parties in his hometown representing the sound he’s curated with amazing line ups with heads like Moodyman, Rahaan, himself and many others from his label. I am no expert in Amsterdam’s scene but I’d say its a safe bet to say thanks to Marcel Amsterdam has access to true soulful underground disco vibes today. I am sure there was a little something going on before but I think its safe to say based on the success of Marcel’s label and dj reputation, he’s the main cat whose put the soul in Amsterdam’s scene today. The look and feel and artwork behind his entire product is on point and it goes beautifully with the music. It looks like he is working on a new label called Intimate Friends too. Ill have have to ask him more about that but I know he’s helping new artist bloom. The artists he works with are always the best of class who share his affinity for disco rooted music and some such as EDDIE C and JAMIE 3:26 have blessed the decks at Housepitality in the past.  Lo and behold, the Lumberjack in Hell himself IS coming to CHOP the roof off the housepit on January 20th 2016!.. He kind of does look like an actual lumberjack from hell too.

GET AN EARFUL of Marcel’s musical magic here:

Our dear friend Ilya Galperin will be setting things OFF with his well earned Housepitality mainroom debut. Its clear already that he is damn good local dj with cuts and skills to get the job done proper.. Plus, its his birthday the week before and this is actually our bday gift to him because he is a HUGE FAN of Marcel and his label.. GET EM ILYA… In THY LOUNGE.. none other than our very dear friend COLE who is an expert and handling the backroom business at the Housepit well. Expect another one of those nights where the magic moves you..

Link GOING on our FB event link.. and there is a $5 link to our RA page from there too.




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