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1/27/16 – MAXMILLION DUNBAR levitates HOUSEPITALITY with music from the future

Posted by admin - January 20, 2016 - Events

Maxmillion Dunbar aka Andrew Field Pickering Housepitality

Maxmillion Dunbar comes to Housepitality Jan 27th 2016..

Andrew Field Pickering aka Maxmillion Dunbar aka Max D also known as 1/2 of the Beautiful Swimmers duo, in my opinion is one of the most important contemporary artists to our domestic scene. In a time where more derpy k-house artists keep coming in droves to play bigger US venues and demanding higher and higher fees and cheesier festivals keep popping up and more domestic talents keep moving overseas to grow their careers, Max D is staying right here at home to keep things in perspective and cultivate his musical talents further to produce more futuristic forward thinking music turning heads everywhere. It is absolutely settling to know that thanks to the work of an artist like Max D, the underground sound is still UNDERGROUND and made right here in the US.

Max D’s take on underground dance music is hard to compare because merges and resets genres and categories with a very fresh take on the subject matter. Its been called left field and odd ball that but as a naive listener it is just raw percussive jack that isn’t the bland average house music sounds, its fresh. He is first and foremost a musician with a very keen ear for collecting and producing music, the ultimate recipe for having these telekinetic dj powers. I am not going to sugar coat it, his mix Make U Levitate which is a few years old now is still one of the best percussive collages and examples of this. It is so well programmed and the tracks on their own seem like they would be tough to mix but for someone with an ear like his, its natural. Peep it. The last time he played in SF was for Icee Hot’s closing party (I believe) and he destroyed it and made a whole entire set of new fans here who are ready for this jak to come back.

In 2016 we set out to feature more US domestic talent and Andrew’s work I think is a keystone example of who is really repping US talent the hardest in the underground. To all of you.. I say.. WE GOT YOU.

On this night our friend Aaron J from Sure Thing which also goes down at F8 and I would say is throwing some of the dopest lineups in the city.. Much respect to him and his single man effort, its a success. The dude is a machine.  He goes to school full time and somehow manages to throw one of the best parties in the city, keep up on the latest music and play good shows. He is going to crack open this barrel on that night, hes got the super heat on vinyl always… Our own sure thing is our residente Mike Bee (Vinyl Dreams owner too. The man.. he’s got you) will be throwing down those groove lounge beats that have become a scene of their own back there.. He is really driving that sound in SF. Check out his Balearic Brunch series at Muka too.

Ready for ass shakin’ action?? HERE WE GO.. LETS DO THIS>.

we got  you –


PS:  $5 tix on our RA invite and you can find taht link thru our FB invite page: here

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