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2/3/2016 CLARIAN invades HOUSEPITALITY – the midweek party people prepare for musical onslaught

Posted by admin - January 14, 2016 - Events

Clarian at Housepitality

Clarian comes to Housepitality on Wed Feb 3rd 2016

Clarian North just goes by his first name and he is playing Housepitality on Feb 3rd of 2016. He is a Montreal artist and when I say artist he is the real deal existential dude who is unlikely to give you a conventional answer to any question. Behind it all is a unique musical genius who has manged to get himself into a VERY diverse and unexpected list of labels. From Visionquest to Kompakt (mission to bars – SICK new release) to Anjunadeep??? Most artists will get on a route and stay within a circuit of labels that resemble a similar enough vibe but these three labels are so different and it speaks to the creative non linear diverse art behind the sounds crafted by Clarian. His tour schedules are packed alongside other incredible talent often featuring Clarian which says a lot about his industry respect and recognition among artists. His reputation as a producer is highly applauded as unusually creative with his arrangements or should we call them derangements. He is also most well known and respected for throwing down memorable live sets, no joke. Thus is why heads like Guy Gerber play along side Clarian, the game is recognized.¬† Clarian sings and plays the keys and releases himself into the crowd that way and it leaves impressions. We don’t exactly know what he will do when he comes to Housepitality but It is said that if you put a Juno and a mic next to the dj gear it is more than likely that some magic will go down since he is not afraid to hit scales. Let’s see what happens.

He somehow has time to be an A&R for Seth Troxler’s Soft Touch label. I can only imagine some VERY interesting conversations going on between these two. Clarian and Seth make so much sense. So having said all this WE at Housepitality are VERY happy to be able to bring Clarian to you. As a lover or underground dance music this is a critical show. Clarian already has the hearts of many heads in SF it turns out. He and San Francisco seem like a match made in heaven and it makes even more sense to enjoy him at Housepitality for the midweek party people who truly sacrifice for the sake of the sound. Enjoy CLARIAN everyone and enjoy his sounds here:

Our friend Bob Five will be doing the opening honors and he also happens to be friends with Clarian as we found out later after asking him to open for him. This is not a coincidence but its actually how the world of Clarian works. We are very appreciative of all the support that Bob has given us over the years and it only makes sense that he would have the musical g to be part of a line up with Clarian. We are excited.. In the lounge rocking it professionally as usual is our resident dreaded ninja¬† JOEL CONWAY.. By no you cats should know if you don’t then you are straight up SLEEPING. True business going down right here..

Looking forward to this show.. WE GOT YOU!!!

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