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2/10/16 – WE ARE MONSTERS all night at HOUSEPITALITY – MOZHGAN, GREER & SOLAR breaking new grounds

Posted by admin - February 3, 2016 - Events


2/10/2016 – WE ARE MONSTERS playing all night at HOUSEPITALITY

Local nights are critical at Housepitality and when we do it its special for everyone because the heads come out to represent for their friends on the wednesday Housepit forum, meow.. SO, this one is SUPER special because over the years we’ve seen Mozhgan grow her little music curation into a true beast along with her collaborators and likeminded music selecters, Solar and Jason Greer. I’ve written so many articles to describe so many different kinds of music but this is one that can’t easily be defined or categorized. Just to quote myself again so I don’t have to try to re describe them: “The music they play is beaufifully raw, diverse, lusciously dark and just plain good.” It is truly unique and they have loyal fans who are sold, I am one of them.

I attended, their 3 year anniversary with Legowelt and Traxx. I was the first to arrive and kicked it with my man Jason Greer, who was also a past headliner for the night, may I add, when next week’s headliner opened for him, Frique. ANYWAY, before I get off way off track, I experinced the buildup of energy, heads started coming, many of our own Wednesday night Housepitality friends too who were surprised to see me out for once. I mean, its the three year anniversary and I had to represent. I recognized their hard work booking and pushing the edgiest music in SF, by far. As they started playing, going 3 for 3, Mozghan, Solar and Greer displayed what three years of forging and sharpening the sounds of WE ARE MONSTERS.

Solar - Greer - Mozhgan

A rare moment of Solar, Greer and Mozhgan on stage at once during their We Are Monsters 3 year anniversay.

It was a refreshing groove and I found myself dancing for their entire set. Each of them drive different styles but its all within the framework that makes up their music. Solar, obviously kept going to the edges and making things work as he always masterfully does. Mozhgan was sharp with the mix and the delivery of her sound, she’s just got it these days and that is why we have been seeing her playing everywhere. ┬áJason Greer is Jason Greer and he is known for dropping the most psychedelic music of any sf dj, this is my personal opinion and that is why he is part of this crew, he knows this music. Between the three of them it was magic. For me the whole experience was super special and it was a crescendo to this moment: Solar dropped an old slow tempo Richie Hawtin track from the Artifakts album, heads went nuts. Just solid track placement.. I am huge fan of old Plastikman sounds so this was a mindblowing moment to hear a 18 year old track sound new again. The crowd had no idea but they loved it.. Legowelt got on soon after and did his thing and I definitely had to stay for Traxx who is in a whole entire league of his own. These are the type of artists that We Are Monsters deliver to us.. If not for them, then who.. They brought Paranoid London late last year too and in February they will host Xosar. Endless heat..

To wrap up the boogie down for this epic night is our friend Richard Byrd aka rich a.b. (Lowe caps… As he specified) will make his groove room debut at Housepitality. He is very active music collector and a great dj with great taste and is the right cat for the job and part of this SF music family. We are excited for this show..

$5 tickets available on RA and per usual, you can find a link to that from our FB invite page:

We got you!!

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