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Posted by admin - February 3, 2016 - Events



Chicago ROCKS and its definitely the birthplace of house music and we are doing an ode to this in 2016 by featuring some key underground players who have been moving and shaking things there for years.. They are not as well known but they keep the blood of the city circulating there. Its been fun thinking of these lineups and we look forward to presenting some of this over the course of 2016..

Andrew Emil is an important cat. He has been rocking Chicago for many years, throwing parties, released music on about a dozen well applauded house labels and playing with the best heads out there. Some of the lables include Trax, Classic, .dotbleep, Great Lakes Audio and many more inclucing SF lables like Panhandle and our JP Soul’s Roam Recordings. Andrew is a machine. He was recently on the Boiler Room line up and frankly the man deserves more recognition because he is also a super skilled house dj with the years to back it. His website is a testament to the legions of work hes done and currently producing to keep pushing the Chicago house music underground scene forward.. Peep it:

Frique aka Terry Sinclair is one of Chicago’s oldest school trendsetters. He has been part of the Chicago underground scene since the early nineties when he introduced Gene Ferris to the North Side underground scene and shortly thereafter they started throwing some of the most crucial undergrounds at this Milwaukee ave loft. They often featured dj Traxx and other serious dj talents. It was like a playground where new underground tracks were being featured to the north side people. Terry wasn’t even 21 at that point. Later on basically Frique was a household name along with Derrick Carter, Lego, Matty and Diz as these cats held down the keys to the underground. I am leaving lots of other names out but yeah, pretty much these cats. Terry hasn’t stopped. He is now producing and releasing music on his label Son of Lea and other projects with Gene Ferris.. So a couple of years ago he came to SF on a last min deal and we had him open.  As the super duper humble and professional that he is, he opened the first hour and half and had every single person getting busy before It was a reality check for me because I was reminded how good this cat was and obviously I know his deep background in Chicago.. SO, its time now, to give him the stage to drop it at the Housepit represting Chicago along with his friend, I forgot to mention they were friends, Andrew Emil. Peep his site:

SO… This night is set to rock deep and steady the way Chicago does. Something about Midwest djs, they just bring that extra heat to the decks.. Joining the lounge on this night is friend Chad Mitchell of Roam Recordings. He will be making his debut housepitality appearance dropping the heat for us back there.. Its about time.. Yeah, I know..

$5 tickets on our RA link.. Find it on our FB invite which you can peep here:



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