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Posted by admin - March 14, 2016 - Events

Alland Byallo returns to Housepitality - March 16th 2016

Alland Byallo, a creative force with no limits returns to Housepitality – March 16th 2016

Alland Byallo is one of the people I respect most in this entire world, as an underground musician, visual artist, event producer and human. In his realm there is no lazyness or idling and a lot of humbleness. Alland gets things done, he is one of the hardest working people in the entire industry and creates non stop. Since his move to Berlin about 6 years ago (or is it more?) he’s managed to establish a successful new label called Bad Animal and release dozens of tracks and remixes for other labels too. His discography is massive as well as his entire career producing events and visual art and much more behind the scenes work that has helped many others in the industry. Although he might be recognized for producing techno music and events let it be known in case you’re not already aware of this, that Alland is a jack of all trades and can and will rock a world class house set if he wants to and he has. If fact some of the most epic house music moments at Housepitality happened when Alland was playing and one such a my own bday party in 2011 when he ended his set with “Follow Me” and the entire spot was singing along. Regardless, in my opinion he has reached maestro dj level where we just go on a journey when he gets on the decks. He works the crowd thru his limitless collection of different underground tracks and flavors.

Although he is originally from LA where he started working at a record shop I like to think that San Francisco is his real hometown because as of 2003 when he moved here is where things took a major turn in our lives. Alland came here at the time when SF had a very weak interest in techno and he tirelessly worked producing and djing event after event to change the direction of the San Francisco underground scene until it worked. Eventually he and a few of his (and our) buddies (Greg Bird, Craig Kuna, Nikola Baytala, Sammy D) spearheaded the legendary [KONTROL] parties which brought the rise of techno to San Francisco.  I remember this period very well because it was after the first dot com bust and the underground music local scene was feeling burnt with the typical remnant house sounds of that period in San Francisco. Alland was a unifying force and pursued his vision to drop dope techno records. The crowds at the RX Gallery were small at first for sure but it was sure cool to see the filtered gatherig of people who were into this music. There was something very special about it with an air of nice sophistication. It wasn’t snobby or anything but people finally felt like they had a special musical space where they could relate to in SF.  Little by little this little engine that could grew into a monster and Alland was behind every effort of the process. In particular the artwork and the promotion stood out to me because I would never not see him dropping of flyers or putting up a poster of which he had designed anyway.

It was thru this vehicle 0f amazing parties that Alland sharpened his dj skills and naturally got him into producing music which he quickly took up and seemed to master as the releases kept coming out of him with more frequency. It shows these days. He repeatedly keeps releasing more music on renown labels like his most recent on Frankfurt’s RAWAX. However the entire point of this article is not just to say a few words about Alland but to mention how much we love his dj sets and thus we are HONORED to have him come and play for us. Alland always plays thru a variety of flavors with total floor control and technical skill that turns heads. He is exciting to watch build up energy and flow thru transitions that engages the crowd, he connects with people. That is his thing. We love his dj sets and damn we are lucky to deliver you this gig with him. THANK YOU ALLAND!!! Here we give you a link to his soundcloud so you can enjoy sample. However I will say that it will be more special live at Housepitality to his hometown crowd.

SECRET STUDIO, our very own Tyrel Williams and Bai-ee who feel the love and support from Alland overseas on their new label will open up and drop tracks from their 5th upcoming release. Our other maestro MIKE BEE will deliver those slower floor pounding jams in the back. However most importatnly we honor the birthdays of two of our most revelled members, Luke Nasaw and Blaine Troxler on this night.. SICK! WE GOT YOU ..

DONT FORGET.. $5 tickets only on RA and you can find a link to that thru our FB invite link:


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