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11/22/17 -Acid Thanksgiving Housepit: Jenö / Tyrel / Miguel / Cole / Duserock(Bday)

Posted by vibes - November 20, 2017 - Current & Past, Events

We are grateful for you!!! 2017 has been one hell of a year for ALL OF US in so many ways, the good and the bad (our line ups tho!!!) and at the end of the day we have A LOT OF THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR:). So, for seriously, we are really excited to celebrate together with all YOU HEADS tomorrow night and feel the housepit love fam in full effect. The Acid Xmas parties started about 5 years ago when Miguel, Tyrell and Rafael decided to open up the club on xmas night around 7pm to play acid house, I believe it was a Monday night. We put a last minute post, called it “acid xmas” and got about 50 heads to come out and went past 3am. It was super wild so it stuck:). These acid house events have become very special, they have their own magic that’s hard to explain so WE are VERY happy that we were able to combine our annual pre-Thanksgiving eve Wednesday bashment into an ACID THANKSGIVING with a few acid connoisseurs. I tell ya what, Tyrell and Miguel are pretty damn excited to pull tracks for this one and Jeno goes without saying, hes the og acid house guru, so its serious game for him. PLUS, we are also happy to have our bro Cole playing comedown grooves and Duserock aka Ryan Stubbs playing and celebrating his bday in the lounge.. THIS ONE IS GOING TO BE SWEET.. and by the response so far, get ready for one of those classic sweaty screamy dancey housepit wed nights.. 🙂 WE GOT YOU..


with acid house pilots:
(Wicked, the orignal Acid House guru)

(Secret Studio, Housepitality, Acid Test, Acid Xmas)

(Housepitality, Acid Xmas)

Come down lounge groves by:

::DUSEROCK:: – Celebrating his birthday

One thing led to another and the opportunity came up to not wait until Xmas for our annual bash. After JENO absolutely crushed our Acid 3rd of July party we had this year till the end after a great b2b set with Vin Sol & Bezier, and Seperh & Miguel, ALL OF THIS makes sense now. So, the Acid Guru, JENO comes back to handle the reigns and original Acid Xmas creators and Acid House provocateurs TYREL WILLIAMS and MIGUEL invoke and warm up the 303 ghosts. Just in case your meow begins to freak out, we got COLE and DUSEROCK in the lounge playing some come down grooves, plus its Duser’s bday. Who the heck knows what your turkey will look like the next day after that shakedown. This is an ACID HOUSE THANKSGIVING and we got you!

Per usual, housepitality wednesday night laws…
Free champagne from 9pm-10pm.
As always , free with RSVP before 10pm on our site.
Or get a $5 presale ticket at Resident Advisor or UpAllNight 

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