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12/13/17 – TRAXX – hot off the LCD Soundsystem tour brings the ‘jak’ to the Housepit

Posted by solprovider - December 6, 2017 - Events, Interviews

“If you’ve seen Traxx play, you don’t forget” – Tadd Mullinix

Traxx comes to Housepitality

Traxx comes to Housepitality!

OK, this is big! We finally have none other than Melvin Oliphant otherwise known as TRAXX coming to Housepitality on Wed Dec 13th. There are many reasons why this is so crucial so its hard to pick a place to start.

First of all, let’s mentions that Traxx was selected by LCD Soundsystem this year to be their official opening dj for their US Tour. If that doesn’t open your eyes and ears then just quit pretending you have any good taste for underground dance music. Traxx has earned this thru the hard work he’s put forth over the past 25+ years of studying the music and crafting his sound deeper. Eventually the right heads noticed.

Traxx is nowhere near an average dj artist. He has taken a very ascetic approach to his craft throughout his career to solidify a very unique sound and style of performing which nobody comes close to, nobody. This is real talk to anyone who has ever seen him play. He is by far the most intense and emotionally charged performer who handles decks with deliberate and unique skill. Many heads come out of his “sessions” feeling overwhelmed by what just took place. Traxx channels the true spirit of the jak.

What is the jak? (one might be asking in case you don’t know) The jak is something you’ll only begin to understand thru direct experience. I really shouldn’t try to put words to it. The jak is derived from a certain spiritual power which drives the groove of the dance floor. The jak exists in the realms of full mind body emotional expression within the context of the musical art form in its rawest rhythmical form. The jak is deep and that is all I will say about it because its that sacred and few artists take it as seriously as Traxx to channel that feeling. (Theo Parrish is another one and for those of you who truly pay attention you will see the common thread between these two artists and how they channel the jak) That’s the ‘kode’ for you true heads.

Check out this video of heads in full jak mode. This was Melvin’s bday party this year at an after hours in Russia. I guarantee that crowd had no idea what was coming and peep how they ended up:

Traxx has taken a very ascetic approach to his craft throughout his entire career. He has cultivated a very refined sensibility to a raw sound that sits somewhere between the inspirations of the early Hacienda, Ron Hardy’s Music Box, New York Punk Dance Soul, Acid, Techno, Prince and much much more. His music frankly can’t be categorized and that is exactly what he intended to do.

When one decides to leave the house to go see Traxx play, they know they are going out for a truly unique musical experience that nobody else can provide. He inspires the average listener or dancer to take themselves to the next level of what underground music is, or can be or what one may not realize it is. So to close out this point I will just add that Melvin Oliphant is a dance music sage to the jak and his musical artillery is designed to reach higher levels of musical discovery on the dance floor. Peep this video where Melvin shares some of his personal philosophy behind just one record:

In closing out this very short description of this incredible artist who I have the honor of personally being able to call a friend. This music, this art form is the focus of Melvin’s life and he intends to come to Housepitality and wreck you with the most jack that you can possibly handle. To him, coming to play this gig, selecting the tracks and how its going to go down is all very serious business. You are more than surely not going to know a single track he plays and yet you’ll be jacking your body like a freak. That’s what usually happens when Traxx steps onto the set to drop a “session” on heads. To make this even more special upon his own request we have Solar, Mozhgan, Tyrel Williams and myself, Miguel opening this crucial Housepitality. I look forward to seeing you REAL heads out there on that Wednesday.

The deets..


a very special ‘session’ by LCD Soundsystem tour dj..

nation.rush hour.light sounds

Mozhgan & Solar

Housepitality SF

Secret Studio – Housepitality SF

Free champagne from 9pm-10pm.
As always , free with RSVP before 10pm on our site.
Or get a $5 presale ticket here.




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