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About Housepitality

Housepitality – We get down every Wednesday at F8 which is located at 1192 Folsom in San Frandisco.

The 2016/2017 update on our website and everything else:

Welcome back to our new/old website party people. Here is an update on it:

The saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” applies here as we changed our site to a few other themes and then it basically sucked SO we went back to the original somewhat outdated theme (circa 2010) just to keep it real give you the basic info. SO, some things you need to know:

1. Our website DOES NOT include a full list of past guests and glory (because we fell off on blogging for a few years.). However this site DOES include original interviews and going forward, MORE content. For a full view of all this its better you check out our facebook Housepitality page and “like us” pls.. Click here for our page! – you will also find years worth of party people pics, meow!

1.5. If you are Facebook nerd like many people pretend they aren’t but really are, feel free to ‘subscribe’ and click “going” on our Facebook events (pretty meow pls:) – See them here, click!

2. We strictly believe that Wednesday is the real party night and everyone else who goes out on weekends is a just using training wheels, so we are here when you are ready to get real with our community of professionals. The philosophy is get your groove on on Wednesday and then have a real weekend. Don’t worry – WE GOT YOU!

3. We are strictly an underground dance music weekly industry night at heart so we DO NOT charge more than $10 for these shows and we bend our backs to be able to deliver you the best possible local and international talent for that price in an intimate club venue. We’ve done pretty good over the years thanks to all those top artists who support the UNDERGROUND.


5. THERE IS A FREE W/RSVP OPTION – But you must RSVP (obviously) and show up before 10pm.. Otherwise its $10 at the door or $5 if you bought a ticket on RA, per above:)

6. THERE IS AN EXCEPTION WHEN WE HAVE ‘SPECIAL’ EVENTS.. meaning, an artist way beyond our budget and we strictly remove guestlists BUT keep it at $10. We will be VERY clear when this is the case on our event promos.

7. We encourage you to celebrate your midweek birthdays with us. If you want to do this then speak to “Rafael” (The grumpy bartender.. Don’t worry he doesn’t bite and is actually really nice.) He will hook you up with things that no other nightclub would do for you EVER.

8. WE HAVE A STRICT ‘CONSENT IS SEXY’ POLICY – In fact if you heard that term and read about somewhere, well our girl Sarah actually invented it and others adopted it. IT MEANS: DON’T TOUCH PEOPLE UNLESS YOU HAVE THEIR CONSENT, IN OTHER WORDS DON’T BE A CREEP (some dudes are very bad about this) OR OUR SECURITY WILL GLADLY KICK YOU OUT. This an an unspoken problem in nightclub culture but we are doing something about it.

9. Housepitality is the original brainchild of Michael Tello and then along with Miguel Solari it was founded as it is today. Aside from them our current residents are: Tyrel Williams, Bai-ee (together they go by Secret Studio), Victor Vega, Sharon Buck, Sean Murray, Mike Bee, Joel Conway and Fil Latorre. Housepitality moms are Sarah Tedder and Lea Camille. Housepitality vibe keepers/promoters and creatives are Luke Nasaw, Blaine Troxler and Rishy Kayshap. The man in charge on a nightly basis is: Victor Vega. Our extended past and present family of door, bar and other staff: Nikkole Rathkamp, Laura Vega, Joanna Witowsky, McKenzie Boyle, Kyra Buck and Amber Allred. WE ALL GOT YOU!

10.. If you care to learn MORE about US this Culture Vulture interview with Miguel Solari should do it.. Click here!